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i clear DL1-4 two or three times to level up and get enough money for basic consumables. I won't go any lower than 5-6 until i have a lantern.
Then i walk down to DL10 another 3-4 times until i have a full stack of CCW and CSW each; what i'm really looking for is a elemental-branded dagger or at least a ego launcher, and at least 1 full stack of magic ammo. I'll also want 5-10 !Speed.

Once i have these, i go down to DL13-ish, maybe DL16, and i try to identify pretty much everything.

I get to DL20 when i'm nearing CL20, maybe more. I don't go below DL20 until i have at least a wand of TO and some way of digging through granite, be it a spell of Stone2Mud or enough potions of brawn.

Once at DL20, i try to get at least an artifact weapon, artifact light and artifact jewel. I really do not want to go anywhere without ESP. I have no problem grinding DL20~22 a dozen times over.

Once i have ESP and the aforementioned, i go down to DL35-40 for stat potions, good mobs, xp, money, and i don't really leave it until im CL35 and can reliably cast TO and TS. i will also want speed +10 (ish) and base resists, rPoison, rNexus.

All this assuming a fast game with preserve_off. I play much slower with preserve on.

Once i have a full set of artifacts, boots of speed, ESP, rConf, Resistance of Scarabatrice, a big stack of !Heal, stats maxed, i'll leave (i'm about DL60 by now) and dive to DL90, then i grind for greater vaults.

Once i'm satisfied i have found the vast majority of artifacts in the set, i'll go kill Suron, then back up, then Morgoth and he will crush me in a rockfall doing more than 600 dmg / round even though i have speed +42.
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