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Originally Posted by warlin View Post
I think I've read that this spell is vital for survival in later stages of the game. Seeing as I've only been once below lvl 40, I got no clue.

Just found a staff of *destruction*
Would you be carrying it? If so, why?
Give me tactics in using it
Scrolls of *Destruction* are a guaranteed (if you are not blind or confused) instant escape. Staff is not quite so useful, although it can still be very handy if there is a level you like but something on it you don't want to meet (in NPP, this will probably be a player ghost ).

In Vanilla, you can destruct from outside a vault to thin out the inmates (although it also destroys non-artifacts); this doesn't work quite so well in NPP because vault monsters carry the items. I would probably carry the staff if I had a free slot; try it out and see what you think.
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