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You have no need for any weapon except azaghal for fire immunity swap. Keep thorin, gondor and azaghal. As for speed, you are already stacked in that department. You have +9 boots, ringil (which you'll probably wield vs sauron and morgoth), and +9 DSM of speed. You do not need to be wearing a speed ring at all with this gear! A damage ring is preferable in that spot, oddly enough, eventually to be replaced by elven rings when you find them. I can't imagine the situation where you wield the speed ring in the second slot.

You can chuck a lot out of your home also, pretty much every weapon there is obsolete with ringil in tow. What I don't see are ?banishment, ?banish, ?destruction ?deep-descent and ?teleport level. The first two you should be saving for the last battles. The last two should be your primary escape. ?teleport is borderline, you'll wind up in a room full of time hounds maybe once in 5000 teleports. So if you do it enough, you might wind up dead. _teleport is too risky now. You need better escapes! Make sure you carry around _destruction when you find it. Use it to remove monsters you don't want to fight yet. All these items would be far more useful to you than the artifact weapons you have there. I know there's a desire to keep them as trophies, but they show up in your history!
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