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Originally Posted by Fendell Orcbane View Post
So I'm pretty close to being able to take Sauron and Morgoth...But I feel like I still need a high end bow and more speed! Its gotten to the point that I've been going back up to get more healing potions. Now I'm working my way back down since I have enough healing to kill some of the more dangerous uniques.

I've also been using destruction scrolls to sort some of the loot out, because IDing a whole room full of crap is boring.

I have a lot of crap and little room so I was wondering what you guys think I should keep and what to dump.

Thanks in advance : ) BTW how do I get the cool scrolling window with my character? I feel lame for not being able to do that.

Here is my character :
Your bow is fine, but your ammo is lacking. You need seeker arrows, arrows of acid and slay evil. You definately need more speed. No boots of speed at all? You should be IDing all arrows and boots.

If you are destructing loot, make sure you are using a staff and not scrolls. Those scrolles are invaluable!
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