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On my ranger I finished 2 days ago, I found Sauron to be pretty easy if you can make a ASC and use glyphs. Especially with acid arrows or with a ring of acid and melee attacks.

For Morgoth, I had barely found any Slay Evil arrows so I used the shoot and run technique until those ran out along with the other mithril arrows (got him to about 2/3 health), and then used the "plant glyph, melee, blink and heal when it's broken" technique until he was dead. Used about 13 !Healing, 2 !*healing, 3 !Life, 5 !RestoreMana, and about 60 !CCW (used these first obviously).

If you want to keep farming for arrows of Slay Evil, you will mow down Morgoth really fast and it will be the most anticlimactic fight ever. Stand in a room, haste yourself, shoot him until he summons, banish it or mass banish it, keep shooting. He'll go down one star of life per about every 10 arrows; it's pretty ridiculous.
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