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Two absolutely important rules when fighting Morgoth on any class:

1) Always stay above +25 speed (either naturally or with spells) or he can possibly do over 1000 damage to you in one turn (see rule #2). Morgoth moves at +25 speed.

2) Always stay above 550 hp at ALL times (and higher if he has dangerous minions nearby that can hit you), because Morgoth is fond of casting Mana Storm that does 550 unresistable damage. If you are below or too close to 550 hp, *always* take a turn to heal or blink/teleport/TO, the lower fail rate option the better.

I recommend buying at least one whole stack (99) !CCW to use when you blink or teleport away and break line of sight. They are a cheap and easily obtained healing alternative to !Healing, !*Healing, or !Life. !CSW and !CLW can work too, since they now heal a percentage of damage instead of a flat amount.
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