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Originally Posted by beholder View Post
3.5.0 I have not managed to compile. I got error: "/usr/bin/ld: -r and -pie may not be used together" on make and did not find any solution. However it seems a bit too time consuming and I don't have as much time now as I used to so I will probably have to give up.
Changing line 35 of src/Makefile from

$LD -nostdlib -Wl,r -o $@ $(OBJECTS)

$LD -nostdlib -r -o $@ $(OBJECTS)
(see this commit in the GitHub repository for the same change) allows compilation and linking to complete successfully on Debian 10 with gcc 8.3.0 and ld 2.31.1. So that would be something to try if you decide to look at it again.

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