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Shop Inventory (Frog)

I'm curious if others feel its frustrating how often shops don't have low-level fundamental items like !Curing, !Sight, ?Phase Door, !Resist Heat/Cold, beginner spellbooks, etc., and how long it takes for shops to restock?

I think I get the idea in theory - not being able to always find these items requires the player to have to improvise on how to survive without them. But what it means in practice - my lower-level characters spend a lot of time mining for gold so they can afford the $7000 to get a shop to Shuffle their inventory because they don't want to dive further without these items. Which ends up being kind of tedious. That is if the shop isn't out of stock on Treasure Detection!

Do others feel this way or just me? And is there some trick to getting shops to restock that I don't know of? I've tried bringing a bunch of food down in the dungeon with me and waiting thousands and thousands of turns, but I can't tell if that does anything.
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