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4.1.2 tweaks

I pushed a list of suggested tweaks to my github.

There were also a few things that I wanted to do, but realized they would require some more coding. Since I'm no longer very familiar with the code base, it would take some time to get it right. Here's what I implemented and the rationaled.

Give ?phase door drops to cutpurses, brigands and bandits. ?Phase Door drops are very low in the dungeon. This is a thematic way of increasing them. This really only affects ironman characters since ?phase is infinite in town.

Double floor drop size of ?phase door from 1d3 to 2d3 (same reason as above)

Move !resist head/cold/poison to be a bit later in the dungeon. They're useless early on.

Increase duration of !resist heat/cold/poison from the piddly 10+1d10 to 50+1d10. They might actually last through a fight now.

Increase duration of true seeing similarly. Right now it disappears before you could even kill what you want to kill.

Remove Teleport Other spell from ranger and paladin and make it level 38 for rogue. I realize this is probably a bridge too far for most. But the improved status effect spells/wands means that we should force these classes to use other means of removal.

Reduce TO wand charges and move both wands and rods deeper. These now become premium removal.

Reduce trap frequency. In retrospect, I don't like how I did this. It occurred to me, when thinking about it, that the problem is the traps in junctions. I think right now, a good approach might just be to remove traps from the junctions altogether and leave them everywhere else.


Here are some things I wanted to do but realized they would take some more effort. The other changes are essentially one-line things, in most cases changes of the edit files.

1) Reduce GV frequency. I couldn't actually figure out where in dungeon generation this was handled! GVs are too frequent in the last few levels of the dungeon.

2) Variable rates for different GVs. Some GVs should be more common than others. Super gigantic vaults like Divisi should be very rare, as should be the crazy lucrative vaults. Some vaults with awful design probably should be removed. I thought this functionality existed at some point, but right now it looks like it doesn't

3) Remove "KILL_ITEM" monsters from vaults. It makes no sense for someone to make a vault with all these fancy items, and then put a giant mass of fire in it that destroys everything. This would require a new function to specify allowable flags for vault monsters. Probably the easiest of the things I didn't do yet. Alternatively, it could just be that "KILL_ITEM" and perhaps "PICKUP_ITEM" flags should not trigger on vault squares.

4) Give arrow/bolt drops to archer monsters. The problem here is that what I want to give them is a drop of a few +0, +0 arrows. The bog standard ammo that you can get in the general store. However, there's currently no way (i think) to enforce a lack of enchantment on an item.

5) Give automatic pluses to cursed items. This looks straightforward enough to do. And I can probably do it if Nick things it should be implemented. The basic idea is that for each curse on an item it gets +x, +y to hit or +n to AC depending on whether its a weapon or an armor. How to handle jewelry and lights is a bit more difficult. The pluses would depend on the curse power. Nick probably knows exactly where to put this, I'd have to search a little.
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