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I am super excited by this. Barbarians are some of my favorite classes in RPGs (I recently had my first ADOM win with one in fact), and I've always been a little bit sad that Angband didn't really have one. Looks like the Blackguard is Anband's answer to this.

I also like that you've posted some non-evil examples of Blackguards (i.e. Tulkas and Feanor). I don't really like playing evil characters, so it's nice to have some lore that assures me that wielding shadow magic and loving a good fight doesn't mean I condone eating children and raising their undead bodies as my slaves.

For the whole aggro thing, what if that was a special ability that players had? Like, they could turn it on and off (think a battle shout or something). This could help blackguards get into fights faster when they are a lot of weaker monsters around, and turn it off when they really need to be stealthy.

I'm less concerned about vaults to be honest, the only times I seriously consider raiding vaults is when I'm playing a sneaky class (rogue or mage). Usually diving ten-twenty levels means I'll find stuff just as or almost as nice, and guarded by snagas instead of ancient dragons.

Are the extra melee attacks full attacks with full damage? That'll be fun.

Also, if you really want to double down on the whole "super-aggressive raging berserker" you could give them a bonus when they're not carrying a shield. Like, a spell that lets them upgrade their melee hits (so a miss is still a miss, but hits become good hits, good hits become great etc) if they're not wearing a shield. This will massively increase your damage output, but you're losing a lot of defense and almost certainly some elemental resistances.

This would partially balance the fact that bows will pretty much be used solely as stat stick, by taking away one of your slots. It also allows the player to better keep from getting overwhelmed by letting them tear through enemies faster.

Also, I'd really like to see a top tier spell that lets them shatter the dungeon with melee hits, and maybe getting a rapidly degenerating buff if an enemy gets crushed by the ceiling (though I don't know how easy that would be to code). I just love the idea of Morgoth and a Blackguard shattering everything around them. Though you'd have to make Morgoth immune to being crushed. It would suck if you couldn't use your Ultimate Spell in the Ultimate Battle.
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