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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
+50 speed have to include RoS, maybe two. You have to ask which swap is better, RoS to RoDam or Ringil to Pain (if that is an option).

(4d5*2) (basically anything you care about are at least evil) + 25 + RoDam or 9d6 + 30. I think Ringil beats pretty much anything if you can do that swap with it.
Lets see...I had Ringel +10, Cubragol +10, RoS+14, "The One Ring" +5, Amulet of Trickery +3, Balance Dragon Scale of speed +5, Elven Cloak +1, Dal-i-thalion +5 ( for the Rconf ) I also found +10 boots of speed...but I thought that Rconf was more important that another +5 to my already insane speed. I wish I had save scummed this so that I could find out if I would double hit Morgoth at +50 speed. Which I sort of doubt.
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