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About the new special manually-designed levels/towns...

Features of special levels:
- loaded from file "server.level.x.y.z"
- always allocated
- no feeling displayed upon entering
- "Looks like a special level" displayed when recalling the feeling
- no artifacts generated
- true artifacts cannot be dropped/thrown
- cannot by bypassed by deep descent
- no darkness/fire/kill wall/polymorphing/alter reality/destruction/earthquake effects
- creation of traps/stairs/walls/glyphs/doors disabled
- monsters cannot breed or raise dead
- ignored stuff is not automatically dropped

Features of special towns:
- loaded from file ""
- "Looks like a typical town" displayed when recalling the feeling
- no monsters
- no food consumption
- no summoning
- all features from special levels

Next step will be to rebuild a new world after the end of the old one.
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