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Orion HT Warrior take 3

In the stores I buy a
(+3, +3) Dagger (29.2dpr)
11 phase doors
2 !CLW
And forgot to buy food with the remaining 12 gold.

DL1: Found two potions that were !speed and killed a few things hasted to reach CL3 before hitting stairs with 46hp.

DL2: picked up another !speed and fell through a trap door.

DL3: Found armor [8, +0] Reached CL5 (75hp) and fell through a trap door.

DL4: A few more baddies takes me to CL7 (102hp) and trying out wands on a half-health gallant nearly gets me killed when the second wand turns out to be haste monster. ?Deep Descent

DL9: Farmer maggot’s dogs nearly kill me when I try to let them live. A green naga drops me a bow of accuracy. A naga drops 6 scrolls of satisfy hunger (yes!) Reach CL9, learn ?Teleportation and hit the stairs.

DL10: Find a lantern. Wormtongue dances around me and I take him to one fleeing *, but throwing sandals and a torch at him don’t finish him off; he touches me and disappears. I bumble through traps every which way I explore and eventually fall through a trap door, not before picking up a ?Teleportation.

DL11: find (+4, +4) bolts. A scout drops a sling (+5, +5). Some wolves try to eat me and nearly do, but ultimately all fall and I reach CL13 and 200hp. I find more bolts and 33 arrows and a cursed lantern of hallucination and steel skin, which I decide to wear for the AC. I easily slaughter hill orcs and Grishnakh drops me nothing. A teleport trap lands me near a reckless attack ring (+3, +3) [-14]

DL13: Found a rod of treasure detection

DL 15 Boldor and his cohorts take me to 36hp and cause me to use a ?phase door (10 left). Orfax drops me 37 AC armor. Some battles later the game crashes. Replayed, but a red h destroys one of my !speeds.

DL17: I find an amulet of inertia (-1) which I wear. An unknown monster (I spent much of this level fighting blind) drops me a lantern of True Sight.

DL19: Gorbag drops me 57AC armor of resistance.

DL22: Quaffed an unknown potion of !*Healing* Lugdush takes me to 71hp before trying to flee and dying because an orc captain prevented him from fleeing. Some Uruks and more orc captains see me to 30hp. Then comes Lugdush’s brother, so it’s =escaping to regen before taking him out. I go into the center square room inside an oval special room and let out a bunch of jackals. Then I go back inside and let them miss at me until I’m at full health. Ugluk takes me to 68hp before fleeing, though I hit him with a few lightning bolts from a wand to soften him up while the jackals prevented him from reaching me.

Even though I haven’t been using my !CLWs I only have 10. I let an Umber Hulk confuse me as I miss away at him. But he isn’t much threat since I’m doing 75.6 dpr (i upgraded one of my =Reckless attacks with a =Dam +6 and my dagger (+3, +3) with a main gauche (+6, +6) on level 20). Neverthless, the confusion is a thing, and I didn’t want to use potions or _curing since I don’t have much of either. Had to “=escape” from a half-orc and priest when I couldn’t kill them confused (and then the priest frightened me). A !CLW and some more time finally wears off the confusion and running down the hallway I meet blink dogs and then coming from behind a Hydra frightens me again. I pray the blink dogs blink me before the hydra eats me as I have no fear removal and I’m trying to save my ?phase doors (I have 12). The fear wears off before any free phasing, and I am able to kill all of the rag-tag company while barely slipping under 100hp. Shagrat falls and also leaves me nothing.

I come across an amulet of searching <+7> and decide to carry it in case I find gloves of FrAct. A find a rod that doesn’t aim and yet doesn’t ID when I use it.

DL25: Not long on DL25 I gain another CL from CL25 (372hp) to CL26 (389hp). I have 4 !Speed (two or three were destroyed by mages). I’m up to 16 ?Phase Doors (another one just got destroyed), 4 ?Teleportation and finally picked up a _Teleportation (9 charges left) on DL23. Just picked up 3 !CCW to take my total to 10. DL25 has a 7-1 feeling and I see a room with 12 objects inside. Probably the 7-1 feeling.... It is a permanent vault.

Fairly amusing that the vault didn’t manage to generate even a remotely useful item according to the rubric. Though it could have FrAct gloves.... I think I will pursue this dangerous vault just to see what the 1 feeling is. Haha. A death quasit inside; I take him to half health before I need to bail due to low health. 6 Teleportation charges remain. The Death Quasit is fast upon me and I teleport away again, this time with a scroll because my health is at 60 due to a pack of thieves keeping me from regenerating HP. The death quasit again surprises me with his swift return and I phase and quaff two serious wound potions and he takes me to 16hp. But he has one * left, so I whack with the understanding that I will not miss outright. He dies. I have 21hp, barely a chance to look at the drops, when something cackles evilly: the pack of thieves have followed me. I drink the last two !serious wounds to free up an inventory slot and to stave off imminent death. There are two summoning traps on either side of me so I will have to remain put until my health is at full again.

I get by the traps and a wereworm and Ibun have me =escaping and teleporting all over the level. I finally clear the vault, leaving Ibun on the opposite end of the level and killing the wereworm at the cost of some exp and AC. Inside the vault is a rod of slow monster and some “good” armors that improve my AC slightly: namely a cloak of stealth [3, +4] <+1> is an improvement over my tattered cloak [1, -1]

DL26: Ring of Dam (+9) and a caestus are welcome finds.

DL 27: Water hounds destroy ?phase doors, not to mention the havoc wreaked on my armor class. An 850hp unique person drops a +2 stealth rDisenchant armor with 22AC so I have to leave it behind cause bad AC.

DL28 Treasure detection reveals two vaults. Having no detection and still rocking the amulet of Inertia (-1), I rush headlong into the first vault. All fall easily, the worst offender being a killer beetle of some kind native to DL30 (yellow). A good enchantment awl-pike defender is useless to me, though. The next vault proves more menacing as Rogrog comes for me before I’ve even entered forcing me to teleport to the other end of the level.

My stack of phase doors continues to go backwards (now twelve), even though I am not using them, though this time not from more water hounds, but rather a Chimera and another fire beetle.

I come back to the vault, this time from below, and impassable rubble blocks Rogrog from getting to me, and so I use my ring of digging to enter the vault from below. Agamantite gives me no trouble and dies easily; then Kavlax shows up, at which point I decide to take a break while I contemplate my options.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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