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Originally Posted by Djabanete View Post
I'm a big fan of Hengband-style level feelings, which change as you stay on the level to adjust for newly generated monsters and drops. For example, you arrive on the level, and for the first few turns, it'll say, "Looks like any other level." Then after a while it says "You feel nervous." When you find the dungeon book that was creating that feeling and pick it up, it says "This level looks relatively safe." Then a bad unique gets generated on the far side of the level, and soon it's "You have a bad feeling about this level"....

Or suppose you're clearing a vault; the level starts at "This level looks very dangerous" and by the time you've killed/ID'd all the stuff, it's "What a boring place..."
That sounds like it would be neat to play, but more as a character class that is precognitive by nature with trade-offs elsewhere. Maybe a precog isn't as normally perceptive since they're always looking at the future
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