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Any tips that I can rely on to almost guarantee getting to 400ft plus?

I have been able to steamroll to about 400/450 from time to time but I died due to stupidity. I once tried hitting a giant the first time I encountered one and you could imagine how that went. On another occasion I was very unlucky because I had 450ft cleared and was on my way to 500 (this was recently, it was about my third of fourth time there ever and my first time I was actually ready for it and not driven down stairs or a chasm) but I walked into a room of shadows which I forgot were there, I was too stupid and panicky to use my staffs of light (yes plural, I had like 2 or 3) and I ended up dying

EDIT: I know Giants are extremely vunerable to poisin, also I slew a unique (an Easterling) I encountered for the first time on that run which felt good

Also to clarify I mainly use high evasion and melee characters, I have a little bit of success with archery.

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