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There's a guide debo posted ages back that was tooled to get you to 400'. Worked by focusing on an artistry start so you could get non-shit items to smooth you past the early game RNG. Getting past 400' is a different matter, as you've found, as that's where orcs taper off and you actually find a variety of threats. Personally, I enjoy running evasion/riposte guys myself, and I just ran another (right now) getting to 600' before saving and coming here, so here goes:

Take the 3-3-5-3 elf who has Will specilization.
I take 4 pts in smithing, just to forge-id the 'junk' jewelery items. I won't invest any more unless the opporunity to create a feanorn lantern presents itself.
I stick to leather armour, round shields, etc.
Play as normal, 2 pts each in Will and Perception, literally everything else into melee/evasion. No purchased skills.
At 400-450', trying to fight 1:1 in corriders might no longer cut it, so it's time to pick up your 'schtik'. I personally love ZoC, so I'll get Finesse/ZoC with Flanking as my bare minimum. This turns combat on it's head, as you're now more effective in open spaces than you are in corridors, at least v hoards. The AI will order the mooks to walk past you if they have friends, in order to cut you off and get flanking bonus'. This can net you 2-3 free attacks per turn, while instead of fighting you keep tyring to 'slide' around the edges of the pack, getting Flanking attacks, and they won't attack en masse but continually try to reposition, giving you more free hits. Eventually the moral breaks and you win/murder them all. Opportunist rounds this off, but costs 3600 and so comes second.
After that just go back into melee/evasion, with the occasional Will skill purchase for emergency utility/resists etc.
Enjoy dying to new and exciting threats at 600'+!

N.B. Giants are most weak to evasion-style builds, as long as you have enough hp to take two hits you should be able to just walk strait up to him and facetank. They swing at +6.
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