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Just ran a simple Fingolfin down to 400' mostly by just putting everything in melee/evasion. I started with clarity which is a luxury, but the will means you get a little less bother with wraiths, melwips etc. & murky potions won't stun if you need to heal in an emergency. Took hardiness when it got close to the cost for an extra evasion.

So some sort of straight melee/evasion build is easiest, if you're still getting caught something is going wrong in your tactics.

Re: Giants - these aren't too bad as long as you don't get caught without space to back out. They are pretty inaccurate with the boulders, as long as you can take a lucky hit you can back away & gain space/time while they miss. Back away from them while you still have the hps for another blow. Heal up or run or kite them with a bow.

Re: whispering shadows - unless you get them before they start spreading close of all the doors to that area. Abandon the loot, area or level if you have to.
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