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Finesse, Dodging->Flanking, Zone of Control, Lorekeeper->Loremaster, in that order. don't train anything but melee/evasion until you get 7 perception. Try to make sure you have an escape route if you stumble unexpectedly on an orc pack or something along those lines. One reason it's good to have dodging, flanking, and ZoC is that you can fight in open areas against a few enemies, which allows you to have a line of escape should the fight suddenly turn bad. Finally, don't be afraid to bail on a floor at such an early depth - it's incredibly unlikely that you're going to miss an artifact of any value, and it's not worth dying to whispering shadows. Do try to kill those as fast as you can though - it's good to carry a final rest weapon around for this purpose, and can make inner light, keen senses, or song of the trees (my pref) useful around that depth.

Edit: Try to play an easy character too. I suggest 2543 w/ Feanor or 2444 with Finarfin.
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