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My impressions. Sorry in advance if they seem overly negative, it's easier to see things you don't like and say why rather than put forth one's own changes as you have done!

Blind fighting: Is dull. And as mentioned, listen already does that.

Follow-through vs Feint: Feint is dull. Missing happens naturally for everyone, and the way to best use this ability... is to keep doing whatever you where doing, ie hitting random people. Follow-through may have lost most of it's thunder with the removal of worms, but it's not bad. Its crime is more that whirlwind isn't good enough to beeline for over other things. (Even if they are both fun)

Knockback is one of the most fun skills in the game, opening up all sorts of cool gameplay. Removing it is a crime and really makes me wonder how much you've played with various builds.

Smashing blow is just a complicated way of adding more damage, especially as the formula's not stated. Note that there's already many ways to get through armour in the game, from crits to axes to the many sources of sharpness for the mid-weight weapons. From the description it sounds as if more weight would help more, which is backwards as heavy weapons are fine v armoured foes.

Warhammers: Are outstanding, and I use them often for high-str one-handers. Buffing them to 4d2 base would allow for 4d3 ones to spawn, which is... huge.

Opportunist: Needs a prereq, as it's one of the strongest skills in the game (for non-Morgoth fights). Unless you bump it up to need 8 Stealth, otherwise the xp investment for brawlers is trivial.

Find Weakness: Another MMO skill, with nickels and dimes in boring boring areas. 10% armour reduction , even if it stacks, is dull and doesn't change anything that the player would be doing anyways, ie hitting the same guy over and over since he bought concentration.

Smithing: Good luck fixing it! Imo it needs a grounds-up reconsideration.

Sharpness: Ah, so I can kinda see what you're trying to do here? Get rid of Sharpness as a song, and spread it to other skills?

Honestly, it's a lot of changes spread over a large area and I don't see the overall vision other than a few of them favoring heavy weapons. It's good that people are still brainstorming over Sil tho, and I'm hoping for some time to free up for the devs so they can revisit Sil with some of the ideas that have been thrown about.

Edit; this was very negative and I apologize, thank you for sparking discussion
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