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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
In general though, I think highly-visible dungeon obstacles make for a much more interesting game than invisible tripwires and trapdoors do. Think about other dungeon crawlers that you play -- do you more enjoy dodging the periodic swinging axe blades, or having a mine explode your legs off because you failed to realize that that floor tile was a pressure plate? Hidden traps just aren't fun -- they don't create any interesting decisions for the player. At best they may introduce added pressure to the current situation, but the vast majority of the time, they get triggered outside of combat, where the player can safely take the time to recover from whatever the trap did.

I suggested awhile back some variations on traps-as-terrain, including e.g. a room where every tile is a pressure plate that causes spikes to shoot from the floor one turn after it's stepped on. I think that approach is really the approach most likely to result in more fun gameplay. It would of course require substantial coding effort, however.
This is the right answer. Personally, I'd say that these "traps-as-terrain" should just either always be visible when in LoS, or automatically become visible at light radius range. The latter would also make light radius slightly more useful as a stat. (It would give you slightly more options for route planning when moving away from enemies into unknown territory.)
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