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Originally Posted by AnonymousHero View Post
If you want to try a game with more dangerous traps, try ToME 2.x -- obviously some version before we removed traps . There are traps of "drop every item" and "scatter all items from your character about the level"... and most of the damage traps do enough damage to outright kill just about every character.

It's only forces you into more of a corner wrt. detection. Since traps now can now actually be lethal in many more circumstances, all you do is ensure that players will always get reliable detection and will always cast the Detect Traps spell. This is dull and entirely mechanistic play. (Either that or you just get absurdly roll-the-die deaths.)

In short: I don't think what you're proposing will change anything. In fact, it might actually possibly make the problem worse.
It also has traps of "permanently transform the player's equipped artifact weapon/armor into a heavily cursed junk weapon" and "permanently reduce the + to speed on your high-end artifact to half its original value" traps, which can ruin your entire day. But the grand daddy has to be the trap of silent switching when you're carrying the One Ring and plan to destroy it, because then you're forced to play the "evil" path and cannot get to the postgame, just because you stepped on the wrong square once. In short, ToME 2.3.5 forces you to detect traps at all times or you're dead. At least it has an option that makes you stop when trying to step into a known trap... right until a pet stands on it, and then trying to displace that pet will set off the trap with no confirmation anyway and ruin your character.

Yes, I think it's not very good design, because the traps are so evil that you simply cannot survive without detecting them. But at least there are several easy ways to allow you to detect them, so as long as the player doesn't forget to do so, everything's fine.
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