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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
So lets find a middle ground.

There you have it, a tweaked version of 4.5 where traps are now relevant, without annoying the player or breaking the game.
I disagree, I don't think this changes the fundamental problem (boring and tedious mechanics) at all.

I'd suggest trying the LoS-modulated-always-visible-traps-as-terrain idea for a release or two and then deciding if we really want the old traps back. I predict almost nobody will want the old traps back.

(... but seeing as I'm not actually coding on Angband, I guess it's up to whomever who's coding it up. I'm just suggesting that Nick shouldn't be afraid to experiment. The traps-as-terrain feature has precedent and seems to work well in other games, so I don't see why it wouldn't work in Angband. EDIT: Enough words have been spilled over this already, I'll stop talking now.)
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