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Originally Posted by half View Post
It has been a while since 1.2.1 was released, but I don't remember suggesting there would be more races or houses (and I can't think what they would be). The early game has been changed quite a bit with the new monsters -- many other monsters have been moved up or down 50 or 100 ft, and have had some minor tweaks to adjust for this. I'm not sure if it is a bit easier or not, but would welcome feedback for the inevitable 1.3.1 balance tweak.
Got some games in yesterday. First impressions:

Changes are overall awesome thematically! I got some minor nitpicks I'll get back to.

- Mechanically, pre-200' is pretty uninteresting. Sil is imo at its best when the player is chased by large groups of intelligent monsters whilst simultaneously trying to kill the force multipliers (breeders, status-inducers etc) and avoiding fighting by slow/territorial monsters. Until Orc Soldiers it's pretty much scatterings of weak melee monsters.

- Good riddance to green worm masses and purple molds.

- Pushing down Orc Scouts to where roaming monsters are an actual threat was a smart move. Also gets around the 100' forge shouting match issue somewhat. Could maybe even be pushed to 200'?

- Early Gorcrows! Nice, helps create tension with the orc hordes.

- Whispering Shadows <3

- Killing the only nearby darkness producing monster won't actually stop that adjacent Grotesque from killing you before being lit. The more you know..

And as for some nitpicks and suggestions:

- Tanglethorns are much better setting-wise than molds but.. growing underground? I agree that having high armor destructible roadblocks is good for monster diversity though. Have you considered breaking out Silent Watchers and Grotesques from [H]orrors and create a separate statuary/sentry class of stationary monsters? This could also add some "supporters" to the early game, eg sentries that scream for reinforcements and attempt to terrify/confuse the player from a distance.

- Vanilla orcs are boring, and somewhat out of line with the race/class template used for other intelligent foes. How about replacing them with orcish work gangs - a single taskmaster and several (very) weak snaga slaves patrolling the dungeon. Would create a roaming threat for the early levels and teach beginners valuable lessons about AI patterns, morale and being disarmed in the middle of a monster pack. After all..

- Not crazy about Grimhawks. Obscure book of lost tales reference? Probably shouldn't be territorial in order to stay consistent with the bird/bat dichotomy. Early screamer is good for the stealth game tho.

- Hatchling Spider would imo work better as a strong solitary monster to be consistent with M (and teaching players to not fight solitary territorial monsters; atm Sword Spider does this but its speed means it's a harsh tutor indeed).

- Whispering Shadows <3 <3. It looks like you've left an alternative wording "(voices?)" in the description though. Could be invisible to be consistent with Shadows? Reinserting "clear worm masses" in some form could help with early dungeon diversity some (and give a reason to get Keen Senses early).

- The "r" could maybe be used to replace "I" enemies mechanically? Weak raukar flying about cursing the player and whatnot.

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