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so when you get more than 15 criticals in one turn it doesn't show the extra !'s after the 15th.

Also sometimes the game softlocks when you kill morgoth in 1 blow and fails to drop morgoths crown. Forcing you to kill yourself

Killing morgoth in a single blow results in tension not breaking when going upstairs sometimes. And the player recives "would you like to attack y/n"
(killing morgoth in a single blow in a normal game is impossible so this isn't probably necessary to fix)
Monster diversity in sil
The more monsters get added to sil the easier it will become. due to the way sil's experience system works. Killing 10 of one monster means that the first 2 kills are worth more than the next 8 combined. So finding 2 of 1 type and 2 of another type is worth as much as finding 10 of 1 type. The more monster diversity early is making the early game MUCH easier. I don't typically encounter any issues until I skrew up and die to a vampire lord, or overdive.
On more interesting talks let's discuss abilites

For now I think taking more than 2 of an ability in any catagory is questionable unless said ability is really powerful. I used to think 4 was the line, but now I think 3 is the line. Taking say lore keeper+lore master+bane is fine, but you can't also take keen senses. In fact I would be cautious about taking bane on non finarfin characters since 1.5k exp can go to melee/evasion instead.

For instance I will never take both controlled retreat and sprinting in the same run, the points are just to expensive. Both abilities are so powerful but they cost so much to get together. Instead I prefer to take either/or AND dexterity.

I also find there are generally a few types of combat situations in sil so abilities have to be good at one of them

Fighting hand to hand : common is when you are in a corridor and it's you vs the orc warrior/cat assasin/whatever, in this situation you have to be nearly completely invulnerable, after all you may encounter multiple duels in one area and you need to never take much damage from any of them. (especially since resting takes so much time).

Pursuit : This is really common with intelligent monsters, and is really important as well. One of the reasons archery is so powerful is that you can pursue monsters with it for free.

Running away : uncommon but sometimes you need to run to the staircase to run away from the pack of wargs. The only skills that help are sprinting, leaping, exchange places and getting lucky.

Enemy archers are super hard to deal with for characters that aren't stealthy or archer's. Characters with say Sprinting and opportunist still run into many issues.

So for now I look for
20+ points of melee Sublty finesse Rapid attack
20 points of evasion dexterity and one of Controlled retreat+flanking OR Sprinting+leaping
10 points of archery Flaming arrow dexterity
7 Points of Perception Lore keeper lore master and Rakou bane
7 points of will Hardiness and Poison resistance
10 points of song, Song of the trees(if needed) song of Slaying and song of sharpness
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