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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post

Also out of curiosity: is it theorethically possible to one-shot morgoth given a character with close to max experience and perfect build/equipment/circumstances/rolls? Also given a dagger (or even unarmed?) is it even possible to beat defense by the 70 or so required in order to score more than 15 criticals (I suppose yes due to sleeping bonuses, concentration and slaying, but still)? Has anyone ever achieved this?
With a 2 pound deathblade momentum Subtlety and finesse with 2 +3 rings of damage you deal 1D19 damage or average of 10 per hit. Add in 6 points of melee per critical and we need roughly 55 critcals to kill morgoth in a single blow.

this would require beating morgoth's evasion by over 400

so no it isn't possible feasibly.

IT MIGHT be possible to critical kill an unaware monster with a stealth assasin and get more than 15 criticals.
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