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Whoa ... killed him ... that was pretty crazy. Destroyed the level first to give plenty of place to work, that way it didn't matter that he drained the staff. It felt like it took 5+ hits for each * of his HP. I used a ton of phased door scrolls, probably 5-10 healing, 2-3 *healing*, 3-4 mass banishment, 10-20 CCW. The mass banishment was incredibly powerful and necessary. He summoned some really bad uniques, Tarrasque showing up right next to me. Had to teleport away at times a well. After you fight Morgoth you can see how it puts everything else in perspective. So nasty. Actually his hits weren't too bad, only took me down about 60-100 HP each round, but the mana storm spells hit me for 500-600 about once every 5-10 turns.

Can reflect on this more later, but jeeze. One thing for sure is that it's so much better to be in melee with bad monsters than to be in breath range.

Ahh, the satisfaction ... finally winning after first playing about 20 years ago as a kid. I admit I was forking save files to backup on this character. It would be brutal to try to win without any fall back save file. Such a hard game to win legit!
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