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Originally Posted by Carnivean View Post
I don't, overall, disagree with what you are saying but I don't think your label is correct. Is clearing levels a newbie trap? It's certainly sub-optimal but it is still a winning strategy (if just).
From an evolutionary standpoint, clearing levels is a weaker strategy than others assuming the goal is to survive to [s]breed[/s]win. It's not as strongly selected-against as is, say, hoarding all your consumables in the home and therefore never using them. Or insisting on killing literally everything with spells, when playing as a mage. It's not even clear to me that the level-clearing strategy would necessarily die out without running a lot of generations.

Newbie traps are things that look useful but aren't, or which require a long-term commitment from the player but don't pay off over that long term. I think Angband is actually relatively low on newbie traps. It has ineffective items, sure, but once you learn they're ineffective you stop using them. Angband doesn't have the problem that, say, Diablo II had, where you'd spend skill points (a strictly finite resource) on crap skills and, much later, find your character too weak to proceed.

About the worst we can do is trick players into using equipment that isn't as good as it seems to be because the game mechanics are opaque. E.g. Rings of Protection are routinely over-valued by newbies because it's not clear how useful AC is.
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