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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
About the worst we can do is trick players into using equipment that isn't as good as it seems to be because the game mechanics are opaque. E.g. Rings of Protection are routinely over-valued by newbies because it's not clear how useful AC is.
This I think is broadly because Angband does not give an outlet to make enduring choices about your character other than your equipment (well, apart from learning spells, but in the long run all spells are accessible anyway). In the context of what Angband does allow you to decide, there are certainly plenty of ineffective items.

More deeply unintuitive however is an endgame that is based strongly round detection and Teleport Other, a mechanic with no basis in the purported source material and little connection to the RPG tropes people are otherwise familiar with. I'm short on time to expand on this, but I think it would be very difficult to start designing a new game today and intend to end up with Angband. And yet, Angband has elements that work; I just don't think they're the bits most game designers would throw away, I think these bits are thrown away for good reasons.
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