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I don't understand melee in UnAngband. How do you get more than 2 blows? Should I dump stats into DEX or not? Str? Or Agility? I am having a hell of a time with Nar, who is a pretty easy target in V, though I usually don't bother since he's hard on consumables. I've cleared up all the affiliate dungeons, but there's no way I can kill Uvatha if I can barely kill Nar! (I did it, but it took forever.)
Also, how does the bow specialty work for rogues? I thought it would give me better accuracy, but it doesn't seem to help there. I can't hit anything worth beans.
Other things:
?Recall is ridiculously uncommon
!Heroism ditto
Decent weapons, the same. I saw a sacrificial dagger in a store before I could afford it. Otherwise, all I've found are enchanted daggers and a 2d9 Flail of Tunneling (which at least allowed me to get 11000GP of buried treasure from a mother lode, before I ran low on food.)
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