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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I suggest getting your branch to a state where it compiles and runs before committing. Probably the only thing you need to change is Makefile.src; you need to remove files from the list that you've deleted, and add your new ones.
Currently the branch I commited compiles as a CodeBlock project upon a MinGW compiler, hopefully with the same compile/link options of the Angband makefile. It runs apparently without errors, but I tested it only a little, playing for a few minutes, so this is not a guarantee.
I searched all the configure/make files for occurences of sourcefile names, and I found only two of them worthy of attention, Makefile.src and, but I'm not sure which one (or both) to change, following what you outline.

Originally Posted by Nick View Post
When you've done that, you can either make a pull request, or just mentio it here and I can pull your code in directly.
Thanks. I realized that I need some more time to better understand how to correctly setup my development environment and how to use/combine git commands (see also the helpful Pete Mack's reply). I was already reading extensively the Forum, and also some git tutorial, but git is still really hard to me.

The idea of maintaining a local SVN to track changes locally and committing only the final result on GitHub was not so good, or maybe not good at all. I guess I can work directly on my local (PC) copy of my branch.
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