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At least fleeing doesn't work with logic such as "sufficient distance" or whatever, but there is a calculated morale each turn. It is not simulating, but behaviour emerges out of a few interacting rules. Temporary effects wear down per turn, instant effects change according to situation. As much as turning around a corner and losing sight of fleeing mates can bring back an enemy from flight - and stopping to flee gives an instant morale boost, so if Gorthaur comes back from flight, he probably will now stay in the fight. This probably leads to odd situations, but hard coding special cases into it, will probably even be easier to exploit.

Still, the archer AI probably needs tweaking. Best would be if they would deny you the opportunity to engage them one by one but await you in a situation where they can all engage you at once when you enter the room, but leaving you without target if you retreat into a corridor. (If they would do so, having a shot at the higher end of longbow range would be pretty rare once they noticed you.)

P.S. Don't the easterlings have a longbow as well?

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