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Originally Posted by taptap View Post
At least fleeing doesn't work with logic such as "sufficient distance" or whatever, but there is a calculated morale each turn.
You certain on this one? I'll double check next time I see a fleeing monster in a long corridor, but I'm pretty sure if there past a certain distance they'll flee towards you if you move away from them. They certainly do when out of site. Will get back to you on this one.

Edit: An example

Originally Posted by taptap View Post

P.S. Don't the easterlings have a longbow as well?
Possibly. I had str 3 which is range 20. Oddly enough just took a glance at the monster memory for easterling archers: He may fire a longbow (+8, 1d7) - so it says longbow but looks more like a str 0 shortbow. There range is certainly a closer match to a shortbow.

Edit: Did a forum search. The monster memory is a bug. They are 2d7??. I suspect there range is still closer to a shortbow though.

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