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I love playing warriors, and I'm working on a half troll one right now. Definitely go Dwarf, though - the blindness resist is much more useful than regen - frees you up for a confusion resist hat like Thengel's, which is my achilles heel right now. Personally, I like to point buy, and early game is made super easy by just pumping str/con/dex and leaving other stats at 8 (never tried leaving them as low as 3...). Should have multiple hits very early.

Stat drain, while a little annoying, is not really that much of a problem. By the time you find monsters that consistently stat drain, you will be finding consistent recovery potions too, but I like to keep a stash at home just in case the alchemist is out. I don't even worry about sustain rings - better to pop on a slaying/protection combo till a psn resist comes around. You can skip the slaying ring for a resist if you like, because you're not going to have any trouble hitting things.

And ditto on the XP drain. It's annoying always being in the yellow, but those Nether bolts do a lot more damage than they drain... Undead bane weps will ease the pain, though.
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