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Hi everyone,

Given that the OP never answered your replies and that I'm the original author of those questions (see my reddit post :, I'd like to thank you all for your insight!

Since posting those questions, I played a bit more and read this great Let's Play:, which led me to my high score to date: an HT warrior CL47 dead on DL77. Unfortunately I already forgot what killed him...

My current character is promising, as I believe I'm lucky to have found the the Pair of Leather Boots of Feanor on DL41, dropped by a mage! Lesson learned: level feelings are not the only thing to take into consideration... Now, let's try to keep it alive!
The early long bow of power helped a lot in the lower levels.

Character dump:
His stats are a bit messed up, thanks blindly quaffing to various potions which reduce one stat to rise up another one, but in the long run I believe it doesn't matter...

Great game, surprisingly relaxing and much less grindy and more fun since I dive quickly! Thanks to the dev(s?)!
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