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A "long a" in the sense of the vowel sound from "hay" is a peculiarity of modern English; so in any other language, it's a pretty safe bet that whatever the correct pronunciation of 'a' is, that is not it, unless the word's a direct loan from modern English. In this case, the correct pronunciation - in Sindarin, at any rate - is indeed that of the person you heard. In English it's hard to fault Nick's pronunciation, even if it isn't faithful to the original.

(Modern English here contrasts not just with other languages, but also with older forms of English, including Old English, which was used [in a mildly adapted form] by Tolkien as a stand-in for the language of the Rohirrim. Old English did have a "long a" sound [the á in the name of Háma, Théoden's doorward]; but it was completely different from the "long a" of Modern English.)
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