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Lord Dimwit's guide is probably what you want.

Eddie Grove's Tales of the Bold is another, although that is not for ToME specifically. As easy familiarization, I recommend archer, then farm the warg quest for elf skeletons. (DON'T kill all the wargs! Just go back in when you need more ego/artifact ammo.) Once you get to skill 10, you get create ammo, which means you can kill any low-level monster. Then with piercing shot and extra shot with an xbow you can kill everything up to DL 40. (Really. With a little luck and scumming the wargs quest, you can even kill eol with really basic gear.) Don't waste skill on ordinary bows, and especially not on slings.

The one thing Lord Dimwit gets wrong is the start of the game. The river to the south of town is a huge resource for a CL 1 player. If you can kill a naga or lizard man at DL1 you jump directly to CL 7 for a huge increase in skill points. If you die, you lose nothing. So buy !Hero, a longbow, and some arrows, and scum the stream until you see a naga some distance away. Then kill it from a distance. Boom! If your first kill is a novice rogue, you might get CL 3 if you are lucky, then CL 5 from the whole quest. What he gets right: in the early game, dump everything into specialized fighting (assuming you are a warrior or archer type) and magic devices. Magic and prayer won't help for quite some time. Stealth and casting such can come later.

Most importantly: have a plan. If you just start randomly spreading around skill points, you won't get very far.

Here is a discussion I had with Cliff Stamp on archery:!searchin/$20stamp$20TOME$20archer$20quests

The TOME maintainer jumped in and said that scumming Lothlorien for ammo is cheating, but he did not address the underlying problem: when you are deep in the dungeon, there is almost no low-level stuff, so important items like !rFire and !speed (absolutely necessary for warrior types, as Eddie Grove pointed out) and junk (for archers to make ammo) are ridiculously rare. The result is people end up having to scum early levels to get this stuff. It is a serious design issue I chose to ameliorate by scumming the wargs quest instead.
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