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Personally my inclination with ToME 2 is to play a spellcaster. There are some ridiculously good spells in ToME, especially in the Divination and Conveyance schools. Divination gives you an area-of-effect Identify spell, which is crucial for the amount of loot that gets generated in the late game, and Conveyance gives you targeted teleportation and a spell that lets you "jump" through walls to an open space at the other side (or the level boundary if there isn't one), which is a very fast and safe way to cover large distances.

The main problem with spellcasters in ToME is your offensive options, which tend to be a bit limited. Manathrust is powerful but single-target, other spells deal damage slowly, with awkward elements, or in strange areas-of-effect. You can usually fix that by investing in Thaumaturgy, which gives you randomly-generated attack spells. Of course, sometimes those spells aren't very useful. But you're likely to get a lot of unresistable attack spells, spells that hit everything in LOS, and spells that can hit a single target multiple times. Inertia and force are particularly useful: the former can slow anything (except for the very few enemies that breathe inertia) down to around -50 speed with repeated applications, and the latter knocks targets back and (IIRC) stuns them.
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