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Problem with the automizer in 2..4.0

Figured this out! After enabling the automizer, you hit "k" to destroy something then after choosing what's to be destroyed you can hit "$" to toggle the autodestruct on. From there you can edit any autodestruct sequence.

I just cleared the first two levels of Mordor and destroyed all normal and cursed weapons, armor...still looking for an amulet of doom, so I'm not destroying cursed jewelry yet.

I haven't played TOME or any games in years, but I really liked the autodestruct option at higher levels.

I'm playing a thunderlord sorcerer and go into the options menu, hit "T" authorize the automizer but I never get asked if I want to add items to the autodestroy list.

Looking through the help section in the automizer, it seems like asking to autodestroy things should be automatic once it's enabled?


I'm a little surprised this ancient RPG still has so much attraction, on the other hand I like it better than anything on the fancy systems and it's wayyy cheaper too

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