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I'm getting closer to having a proper "vertical slice" that shows off content in every part of the game. The major remaining items I can think of are:

- Completing missions shows a mission summary screen, including tech point rewards.
- Ships can drop pickups during missions (health, ammo, and tech intel).
- Some parts require intel to be found before they can be researched.
- Weapons use ammo.
- Group weapons into firing groups in the ship designer.
- Build some properly historical ship designs to use for enemy ships.
- Fill in stats for ship endurance and weapon damage -- currently all ships have 100 health and all weapons do 1 damage, which isn't exactly great.
- Build, oh, three complete missions.

At the beginning of October I'd hoped to have a vertical slice done by the end of the month. That now doesn't look likely -- making the tech tree took longer than I'd hoped. But hopefully by the end of November I'll have something people can bang on.
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