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"There is no light" : a roguelite made with pixels and love!


"There is no light" is an old school dungeon crawler, based on atmosphere, replayability, reflexes, and tactical approach.

You can play it for free, directly in your browser, from the website :


Fight your way through a mysterious dungeon, full of wonders and dangers, to bring back the Moonstone, a precious artifact stolen by evil creatures. Upgrade the hero's skills and equipment to face deadly monsters, and survive in a dark environment by providing the hero food and light sources. Only the true hero will be brave enough to confront the Dungeon Lord. He awaits you.


- 3 difficulty levels
- Strong randomness effects to renew the Dungeon
- Survival mechanics : food, light source, poison
- Various monsters with unique combat behaviors
- A ton of secrets to discover : observe the Dungeon carefully
- Types of equipment to upgrade : helmets, armors, shields, weapons
- Rare magic items to get incredible exploration bonuses
- Experience levels : upgrade the hero to confront the worst enemies
- Money system and merchants : bazaar, arsenal
- Peaceful places : get the help of the monks!

Give it a try! if you like the game, please leave a comment on the landing page to encourage me. You can also support if you feel like it. Good luck
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