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I played your game. First outing I starved to death pretty quickly. Second outing I got about 7 to 10 dungeon levels down. The first beastman I encountered I killed, the second one killed me when it attacked me fiercely twice in a row (I was also suffering from poison in my veins at the time).

Immersion: game gets a solid 10/10. I love the art style and the glowing of the torch and the look of the dungeon is nice. And the sound effects are very nice.

Gameplay: game gets a solid 3/10. The lack of control during the battle and just sitting there waiting to see how it goes every time gets old fast. Not being able to view an inventory is also hard to get used to. I came over a blue potion but my character wouldn't pick it up or examine it or do anything to let me know what it was so I just left it there.

I starved pretty easily in my first attempt so I stopped exploring the dungeons after that and took the first stair I saw from then on.

Not having a hunger meter or health meter (for my character or the monsters) or a poisoned meter is also a head-scratcher. I'm not sure how not having those increases the immersion of the game? Seems like the opposite is true. Little horizontal bars, one for each status, would be very fitting and increase immersion and stylistically would fit very nicely with the rest of the simple/immersive style. You wouldn't need any numbers; just small colored lines inside brackets that reflected hunger level, being hurt and being poisoned. These would do sooo much for the gameplay and immersion, in my opinion. I have no idea how much health I've lost when I get hurt so I don't know how close to death I am. I never received a message that indicated there were different levels of getting hurt. I never got a message that said "you are mortally wounded" or some indication I was close to death. "You got hurt." and then "you died." I appreciate the goal to keep things simple, but I think you've taken that principle too far without giving the player enough information.

I suggest instead of a slow turn by turn account of how the battle goes there be a description that appears somewhere over the dungeon (that portion of the dungeon can be faded out so that the text can display) that tells you how the battle went with key aspects of the battle in different colors. So if you get poisoned, the text would be green, and if you got hurt the text would be red. That way after 438 battles if I'm bored reading the descriptions at that point I can just scan for info about how it went.

Alternatively, you could just do it the way Angband does it, and be able to hit ENTER after each "turn" and if you try to rush through the turns you are prompted when something bad happens like you get poisoned or "hurt". But, honestly, I'm not sure why you have removed the interesting tactical aspect of the game of being able to flee from battles you discover you cannot win, instead of it being a life and death gamble each time you fight a new monster.

It would also be more interesting to see your status bars (as described above) diminish as the battles go on.

Conclusion: I think your game has a lot of potential in that if you've done a great job with the sound and graphics and I do like the simplicity of it; but I think at least add the status bars so the battles are more interesting and the game overall is more interesting.

I'll probably give it another go and see if I discover anything more about the gameplay of the game that will change my view on some of my feedback here.
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