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Congrats for winning the game, and thank you for this long feedback It seems you have liked the immersion, and the atmosphere, I'm happy because I've tried to create a small but endearing lore

The first point of view you explained was founded. There is no HUD at all, it may not please. As you said, I tried to stay on my minimalistic approach. For example, the player has to memorise the number of wounds he suffered to estimate his health points. The downloadable manual is really helpful I think. Concerning the battles, my philosophy was to focus on a single mechanic : run from an enemy or provoque the fight, knowing the current status of the hero, and the strenght/weakness of the enemy. It's quite radical

I tried to make a game with a learning curve, you learn from your mistakes, memorise the secrets and chests, and try to do better next time. And to be honest, it was quite a hard work to create this game, so I tried to limit myself only to the core mechanics to be able to finish it.

Thanks again, and if you liked the game please leave a small comment on the landing page on, it helps a lot to keep the game "alive". And if you want, you can try the hard mode (right stairs in the first room) : to me, it's a completely different experience, unforgiving, even unfair sometimes, but very intense, and what a achievement when you beat the game in that mode !
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