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I've watch your video, it's so nice to see that !

You had an interesting run, with powerful items quite early (like the three relics, that give you a huge boost in attack, dexerity and defense). But you played well too, with good intuitions on the game mechanics and mysteries, even if you miss some things on the way (that's normal !). In mid game, you had 2 or 3 "torch stress" that could have gone worse. But monster were not a problem with your equipment, relics, and experience level. 2 or 3 chalices of lore, it's rare, in fact from mid game you were "ahead of the dungeon". The last battle made me laugh... In hard mode it would have been very different I really encourage you to try it !

If you play in hard mode, I think you have to fully explore each map, to make sure you don't miss any item or secret. That means running quick ! Monsters will be more powerfull too, even with a good gear like the one you had (crystal sword is the third best weapon, emerald is second, and there is a very rare family of items even better !). And in hard mode, it is permanent death, for more pressure !

Don't look for keys to unlock locked doors, there is no way to open them. They are located at places where you could have found bazaars, armories, or monks, but randomness decided otherwise.

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