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The game has been played almost 200 times now, and I had quite a lot of interesting feedbacks. I'm starting to think of a huge overhaul of the game, taking those feedbacks into account, and adding a few ideas i have in mind for a long time. The mains changes envisaged are :

> HUD with the most important informations : health...

> Simple magic system : libraries/spellbooks/scrolls to increase knowledge in magic and spells, resistance thanks to a new type of object (cloaks)...

> More control in the battle, in each turn : escape (with a risk of behing back attacked), attack normally like in the actual game, or use magic (powerfull but limited in the number of uses, therefore to manage)

> More variety in the blows of the hero : counterattack, critical strikes...

> New monsters (perhaps "unique monsters")

> Traps, doors/locked doors/keys

It is maybe a bit ambitious ! But all these features don't have the same priority. To me the most important is : HUD and more control in the battles.
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