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Originally Posted by takkaria
At 4am, it's probably amaretto and orange juice. Or port.
Mmmm amaretto. You should try swapping half that orange juice for cranberry juice.

Originally Posted by Dragonboneman
WEll ive found either tea (sweet and milky for 4am) or the evil bliss that is Buckfast work best, although after a bottle of buckfast you are a) up for another 3 hours and b) too drunk to notice when your character dies of hunger.
You can get drunk from buckfast? That strange wine-cum-medicine only ever used to make me wired. But what a wired it made me, beats cheap, dirty speed anyday - something else you scots seem to have a penchant for.
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The shopkeeper howls in agony!
You say "Dude, the clue is in the name...".
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