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Originally Posted by Dragonboneman View Post
Are you sure about that? I thought it was where the whole "mad monk" stereotype came from.
Not sure at all, I'm just hazarding a guess that the monks who bottle the stuff make it out of everything that grows on their idyllic little mountain that they have decided is inedible! If they do drink it, I suspect it is as a tonic, as intended - ie "Three small glasses a day, for good health and lively blood" to quote wikipedia - a page which has just informed me of its scottish pet-name "wreck-the-hoose-juice".

The "mad monk" stereotype has its roots in the Rasputin legend, AFAIA (the mad monk) and therefore was around well before the first days of Buckfast back in Victorian England.

EDIT - I never went that mental on the stuff, TBH - it's weirdly vodka that makes me smash shit up, and brawl with my equally pissed mates, possibly because it goes down so easily and therefore so quickly.
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