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Jrodman did you try to play any other race than a dwarf? It was the newest race added in beta along with it's starting location and the only one that starts further away from other low-level areas... for every other race it's super-obvious.

As for the boss thing, sorry, but for a person that plays roguelikes since 1991(a year before I was born..) you show lack of any kind of intuition. When I started playing ToME I didn't have problems with noticing that there's kind of a linear progression in zones and didn't try to enter Dreadfell or Maze with lvl 1 character instead going for those mentioned in the quest log. How can it be simpler than that.

As for the Mouth, when I see something that has 999999hp and tries to pull you in melee range with it's abilities I don't take that as a hint to go there willingly and try to hack it with my iron waraxe...

It's the only early-game boss that requires different approach and it's still not too hard to figure out.
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