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I will give my own two cents on this issue.

I have played 30 hours in the last two days, and I have been enjoying TOME 4 quite a bit. There are some kinks and notches, but overall the game lets you do whatever you want. The more classes and races you have unlocked the more freedom you have, but with that freedom requires a boat-load of understanding.

Playing my new character in adventure mode I have seen the difficulty hump for the Cursed class and how to overcome it. My best advice is to play adventure mode with a single class, make your mistakes, and then see where that takes you after you finished the game.

Once you know what you are doing you can progress very quickly. Take your knowledge to other classes and experiment with differing builds.

Given the amount you need to understand in TOME, I would say Angband is easier to understand, but follows a different difficulty curve.
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