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Just an idea, only slightly tongue-in-cheek:

You hit the Great Hell Wyrm.
It was a superb hit!
The Great Hell Wyrm explodes!
You are engulfed in flames!
You die.
Some monsters could explode violently under certain conditions, e.g.
- Being killed by a critical hit
- Getting brought more than 300 HP below zero on a fatal hit
- Being slain with a single blow/shot/spell

This would hit everything in a level dependent radius, for a damage depending on the monster's full HP, and of a type specified in the monster's edit file info.

In addition to the obvious heavy metal thrill of making dragons explode, there might be some tactical implications, e.g.

- Hitting the right monster with the right attack might be helpful when faced with a mob
- Hounds could be more interesting...
- Likewise there could be good reasons for being some distance away when that AMHD goes off

Obviously I intend to implement this in Neoband as soon as I have some free time.

Edit: credit of course goes to ToME 2, for the nasty surprise when you try to hack meat off a dead dragon.
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