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Getting an Alchemist Started

I've been playing around with Tome2 since the current competition started, I've had some success with Demonologists, and other warrior type classes.

But how do you get an alchemist off the ground?

You start with a few essences to make 1 potion, that'll blow up one thing.

How do you kill the other stuff at the start before you get essences for blowing things up? Your melee / archery skills are garbage, I can't even kill stuff in town, I don't have Manathrust or similar level 1 spell....

So how do you get started?

Also, since I'm posting, what do I need to increase to get my mage's spell failure rates down? I invested into Mana and Magic, but at like level 8ish my Manathrust spell failure rate is still 25%
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